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How do we work?

We are Client - inspired. In order to meet changeable market demands, we are constantly expanding our range of services.

Our services include:

  • Provision of legal advice and consultations.
  • Preparation of formal documents, statements and legal opinions.
  • Provision of drafts of pleadings and representation of Clients before administrative bodies and arbitration courts at all stages of the proceeding.
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of the Client.
  • Provision of other legal services in compliance with Client's needs.

The Firm provides the following corporate services:

  • Preparation of company internal documents.
  • Preparation and review of resolutions and internal documents for company statutory bodies.
  • Coordination of meetings of company statutory bodies.
Any legal actions within the scope of the above defined services can be performed in English or Polish.


Our Clients are provided with a variety of well-tailored forms of remuneration.

Lump sum payment

Settled between the parties, fixed amount of monthly remuneration due to the Law Firm in consideration for its services.

Hourly rate

The amount of remuneration due to the Law Firm in consideration for its work for the Client, defined on the basis of the settled hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours in which the services were provided .

Fee for the coordination of a particular case

Defined with the Client amount of remuneration due to the Firm for the coordination of a particular case for the Client.
The amount of remuneration is subject to individual arrangements with the Client and depends on a type, scope and complexity of a service. In order to meet Client's expectations, we are also open to other proposals concerning the calculation of remuneration.

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